Tichenor Families in America, by Harold A. Tichenor was self published in 1988 and is a comprehensive reference on all Tichenor families for the last 360 years. With over 700 pages and references to thousands of persons, it is the best reference available for individuals seeking information on Tichenors and related surnames.

We strongly encourage any person interested in Tichenor family history to order a copy of the book for their personal reference. Copies of the book can be ordered by contacting:

W. B. (Bart) Tichenor Secretary/Treasurer
The Daniel Tichenor Cemetery Club
1212 Torrey Pines Drive
Columbia, MO 65203-4824

The cost of the book is $42.50 plus $3 shipping and handling.
Checks should be made payable to Daniel Tichenor Cemetery Club

W. B. Tichenor may be contacted at WBTichenor aol.com

Footnote: Harold Tichenor passed away September 13, 2005.