So you want Shelby LeMans Stripes on your mustang!

It's not hard to install stripes on your classic mustang if you follow a few simple steps.

Clasic Mustang

Shelby racing stripes on a mustang look GREAT! Usually the stripes need to be painted on your classic mustang. This is an exacting process that requires skill and special equipment. An alternative to paint is the use of plastic decals. Decals have several advantages over paint. These include:

The process of adding stripes to your classic mustang is not difficult . With proper planning and an day of effort you can achieve the same great results we obtain on our 1965 coupe. The process is a simple three step program.

Step One: Planning and Preparation

Step Two: Measurement and Step up

Step Three: Decal Application and Trim

Each of these steps are outlined on this web site for your benefit. Follow along for tips on how to install your own Shelby stripes.

We installed our stripes for about $200. This was the cost of obtaining the stripes from a local plastic sign making company. If you are unable to obtain stripes from a local vendor, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to put you in contact with our vendor. Enjoy and good luck.


Jeff & BJ Titchenal

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