With the Tichenors/Titchenal Family long history in the United States, it is probable that a Tichenor member or relation fought in every American War. We have the names of many veterans in our Honor Roll, but few personal accounts of their involvement in battle and service to this country. This section of Titchenal.com is devoted to all family members who have served in the Military.

Our Honor Roll Section lists the names of all Tichenor family members who served in the military. If you have family you would like to honor with a listing send us the information and we will list them.

The Our War Stories section gives the personal accounts of some Tichenor/Titchenal relations who have recorded their individual stories about war and military life. Read about David Tichenal's account of guarding Yorktown prisoners in 1780's to O. R. Titchenal's WW II exploits in the Pacific. We are also always looking to add personal accounts to our military section of Titchenal.com. So send us your stories so we can add them to our heritage section.