Titchenal Family Time Line

History Time Line is a chronological listing of important events in the 360 years Tichenors have lived in America.

1600 to 1699

1644 - Martin Tichenor takes oath of allegiance at New Haven Colony.
1666 - Martin Tichenor and 30 families leave New Haven and found Newark N. J. NJ Tichenor Family History

1700 to 1799

1701- Daniel Tichenor and 35 other families purchase 13,500 acres west of Newark for for $325 (or about 2.5-cents an acre) from Loantique, Taphow, Manshum Indians.

1740s - Tichenors Move to Morristown, N.J. area.

1778 - Moses Tichenor Moves to Virginia and Changes his name to Tichenal

1780 - David Tichenal is drafted into Virginia Militia to guard British Soldiers captured at Yorktown. Read David's Pension application

1800 to 1899

1823 - John Tichenor moves from Virginia to Fort Smith Arkansas and his daughter Sarah Ann Titchenal become the First White Child Born in Fort Smith.

1869 - William H. Titchenal becomes the first land owner in Santa Ana, California. Life in Santa Anna in the 1890's

1900 to 1999

1907 - Charles Titchenal becomes a railroad station master Along the Santa Fe.

1944 - Oliver Titchenal - Remembers WW II as a Marine in the Pacific.

1947 - Janet McMorrision is discovered and becomes Janet Leigh, the actress.

1970 - Steve Titchenal records Kent State Shootings as a reporter for local radio station.

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