Site History - founded 1996

When our father, Oliver Titchenal, died in 1996 my brother and I wanted to pay tribute to his work and love of history by posting his genealogical work to the world wide web. Thanks to my father's passionate efforts to document our family history, countless long lost relatives have found out the origin of our name, followed our ancestors as Puritans in New England, revolutionaries in New Jersey, pioneers in the plains and 49ers in California.

Three hundred and fifty years of family history is now recorded for all time thanks to individuals like my father, who had the wisdom to know that history is worth preserving and that someday technology would make it easier for them share their passion with the world.

I urge everyone to take the time now to record family facts so you too can leave a legacy for future generations to marvel. Posting genealogical information to the web is far simpler than trying to find your family history after it has been lost in time.

Jeff And Stephen Titchenal webmasters