About Us

Titchenal.com is the place where family and friends meet and is devoted to recording, preserving and enjoying Titchenal family history. Titchenal.com is sponsored and supported by people like you who take pride in their family name and history.

Our goal is to honor the Titchenal family name with a web site devoted to all Titchenals and their families. This will be a place where family and friends can gather virtually to enjoy the family traditions that are uniquely Titchenal. We also want to honor the surnames of families that married Titchenals and all the surname variations of Titchenal. We have special section of Our Heritage on Titchenal.com devoted to surnames related to Titchenals.

We hope you enjoy our labor of love and will become an active participant in supporting and contributing to the expansion of Titchenal.com. We have developed several sponsorship programs to get you involved. So don't wait, there is no better time than now to honor your heritage and contribute to Titchenal family history. We want to hear from you.

Titchenal.com was launched in 1996 to honor our father Oliver Titchenal who spend 20 years researching family history. To honor his memory after his death we decided to launch Titchenal.com.

We hope you will enjoy our web site and if your related this of it as a place to share your heritage too.


Jeff and Steven Titchenal, 11th generation decedents of Martin Tichenor
Founders of Titchenal.com