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Martin's Children

According to the book, Generations , all of Martin's sons were born into the Glorious Generation [born 1648 to 1673].

"They experienced the restoration of Charles II, King Philip's war [1675 - 1676] with the Wampanoags, Narraganset and Mohegan Indians, the beginning of large scale Quaker settlements in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, King William's war against French Canada, the Salem witch trials, acceleration of slave imports to the south, the first paper money, insurance, stagecoaches and the rising of household wealth."

Martin's first son, John [b. April 14, 1653], married Hannah Baldwin, the daughter of John and Hannah (Osborne) Baldwin(2). Her grandfather was Captain Richard Osborne, an officer in the Pequot Indian Wars (1637).

Martin's second son, Daniel, was born in 1656 in New Haven. In New Jersey about 1690, he married Elizabeth Baldwin(3). They had four children, Joseph, John, Daniel and Jane. Elizabeth Baldwin was the daughter of John Jr. and Hannah (Bruen(2)) Baldwin(3).

Daniel Tichenor's first son was Joseph, born between 1680 and 1690. His father, Daniel's, will was dated 1727. He may have died shortly after that date. Joseph was the first Tichenor to move west from Newark, about 1730, to the area around Morristown, NJ. He may have (like others) wanted more land and/or been inspired by stories of plentiful iron ore. Many pioneers crossed the Watchung Mountains and settled there in the early 18th century. The region was, in fact, iron rich and during the Revolutionary War over forty-five forges in the area produced munitions for the Continental troops.

In 1731, Joseph acquired property in New Vernon ( a few miles from what is now Morristown). A second tract of land was purchased in 1739. He also acquired land that is known as "Turkey Pasture" from the heirs of William Pen. Turkey Pasture is in the Great Swamp, now a wildlife preserve.

Joseph married Elizabeth Burgess (Burgess not proven) late in life, about 1730/31, in Morristown. He would have been 40 to 50 years old. Elizabeth was probably much younger than her husband, maybe 20 to 30. They had seven children, five of whom were minors, and living, when Joseph died between 60 to 70 years old.

His will was dated March 1, 1750. In it, he named James, Joseph and Jane (over 14 years old), Daniel(8 yrs) and Moses (7 yrs.) Two other children had died before 1750. Administration was granted to Elizabeth.

The people of Morristown (called West Hanover until 1740) worshipped at the Hanover Presbyterian Church. In 1733 the First Presbyterian Church of Morristown (Hanover) was formed. Joseph first cast his lot against the new church, but renewed his covenant in it on April 24, 1743. We don't know the date of Moses, birth, but it was probably 1743. Moses was baptized in the new church April 29, 1743. Moses became a communicant in September 1749.

Joseph died at the age of about sixty in 1750. He evidently left considerable property and wealth. An idea of Joseph's wealth is indicated by an ad listed in a NYC paper in 1755 and the assessments of 1768. Part of his son Daniel's property was listed for sale. It had 4 apple orchards and 2000 peach trees.

Morris County Assessments 1768

Daniel Tichenor 130 acres, 7 horses and cattle, 12 sheep
Moses Tichenor 100 acres, 3 horses and cattle, 2 sheep

A Map of the town of New-Ark published in 1806.

Close-up of the Tichenor holdings (note Tichenor's Gate)

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