Love is Beyond the Mind

Love so deep, below the oceans feet

Beyond the cosmic reach

Surrender is what we preach

The faith is not blind

Our paths are intertwined

See through the body, not the mind

Know the experience, the beautiful ride

To the depths of infinity, where the soul resides

Listen to the universe, not your pride

Love is beyond meaning, love is deep inside



Swallowed by the existential void

Coming up for air, surviving another day

Consumed with the tangled web of the mind

Myriad discomfort, dull pain, it all comes to a head

Release, breaking free from the cocoon, brand new

Beautiful expression, free to fly to the greatest heights

Infinite transitions, transforming to new beginnings

Total surrender bathing in the infinity of divinity

As the mind fades away, you live infinite being


 Transcend Duality


Nothing rewrites itself infinite times,

Waves of space-time repeat my rimes.

Nothing is intertwined with eternal sublime,

Walking the way turns to federal crime!

Nothing is no-thing too infinite to be,

The infinite division that is within me.

To transcend reality beyond what we see,

There is more to our body then the intellect of thee.

Surrender to the energy that transcends duality,

We need help to re-member our higher reality.

Wishing on our history to empower humanity,

There is no other faith then oneness the unity.

We are all destined to greatness within eternity,

One Response to Poetry

  1. Casey says:

    I did read it and I liked it a lot, And I like it still!

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