The Green Backed

I am proposing a new currency that is backed by a good idea for a green revolution. Instead of currency being debt, it is an investment into a idea that could be organic and self-sustaining. So you get a coupon for donating to your local Co-Housing UniverCity Project. You can then spend it at local businesses that want to support the project and the local community, but instead of getting rid of the coupon when they accept it; they can go and use it again at another local business and it circulates. All the people that give there time to the project get paid with this currency. As the project grows the money will become more valuable as there will be products and services that people can redeem from the project and the local community with the green backed hours.

To get this started I had the idea of letting people buy a green backed hour for 20 dollars, 10 of that goes to pay for building costs, 10 goes to pay people working on the project. Then with your green backed hour you have 10 dollars to spend at a local business.  Another idea I had was to at the time of issuance also stamp a 10 dollar bill with GREEN BACKED and the serial number of the green backed hour created with the donation. So not only is there a new currency that stays local but there is also a 10 dollars bill that stay local, in that you spend it also at a local business that knows to hold on to this bill and not send it to the bank. I also had the idea of people also getting online stock in the project, that is recorded online along with a forum and discussion about where the project is going and who wants to move in next. With a certain amount of stock one could move into an room at a group home, a little more and you can get an apartment in a building, a little more and you get an apartment built into a house, then a little bit more and you can live in a house. There can be help programs for low income family wanting to move in. There can be programs to issue green backed hours to people that don’t live in the UniverCity and have documented the time and effort they put into promoting the project. It might eventually look like a multilevel-marketing, where you sign up and get hours for signing people and businesses up and get a percentage of donations brought in. I don’t know what it will look like, it is just an idea for organically growing communities. Please join me in this project and invest in a money that is backed by green technologies and human intelligence, and represents an investment in a sustainable future.

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