Search for Nothing

I am searching for nothing, I am on an endless search… We all have our path, where all our paths intertwine is in surrender. When we all follow our own path of least resistance, our paths flow together in a mystic symphony of divine harmony.  We have been mislead by our minds, letting go we can move from the heart. The heart is the center, where we need to move from to follow the path of least resistance. The heart sends more information to the brain, then the brain does to the heart! There is a cavity in the heart that is the exact center, the singularity where the expansion-contraction process with-in everything takes place. We are on the biological level of a 3-D fractal universe, with this same pattern repeating itself, changing a little bit every time. This fractal is infinite in many ways, with in time and also getting larger or smaller. It is very hard to wrap you mind around, but if we use this time to allow our minds to surrender to that which we cant comprehend in our mind, to amazing vastness that is always following the path of least resistance, always there trying to get us to do the same. This experience free of preconceptions of how things should be, is letting go and allowing the universe to take you on a ride.  Trust yourself do not think the mind needs to be completely vigilant, realize that the body knows through a process that takes place beyond the perception of mind but we can still perceive the messages from the body and allow the process to unravel. I believe in nothing, I am nothing, everything is subjective, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is just me, we are all different but we are not separate, we need each other to realize what it is to be human.

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