Human Design

Human Design is a synthesis of four separate modes of knowledge: The Chakra System, The Kabalah, The I’Ching, and Astrology. The Chakra System has 7 centers of energy flow along the spine; The Kabalah has 10 centers connected with channels in which energy flows; The I’Ching has 64 Hexagrams that start with the yin-yang sequence; Astrology shows the movement of the planets through the 12 signs of the zodiac, Human Design relates the planetary effect to the neutrino stream’s influence on DNA.

I recommend Zeno as as a living authority on Human Design, her Zen Human Design approach, allows you to understand your design by living it. She says ” you are the expert on your design”. To discover you design for your self, is a life long process. We all can all benefit from surrendering to our design, for it through subjective experience that we come to know ourselves and our truth.

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