Hemp, or should I say Cannabis it the answer to the future, the possibilities of the uses of hemp in this day in age is tremendous. We could make our own money out of it, much stronger then our current paper dollars. We could build new communities out of it, showing the future of how we can realize our potential. Design the communities so that all the intelligence of the community is being harnessed to create amazing things for the community, this can then be reproduced by other communities as they share ideas and evidence. We are all connected; the internet just helps us to see this and realize it through a technology that we created and are evolving. When the government censors the internet, we will create our own internet.  When the government allows the fed to enslave us with debt, we will create our own money. When the government disregards the constitution that it was founded, we will create our own government.

My vision or dream would be, to create a co-housing community where when you buy a house, there is also a house built to home a family that could never afford it. This community would be off the grid and built from hemp that was grown on the land. The community would have different sections devoted to certain areas of study, where people do not have jobs, but are active in the community, in as many areas of study as they would like. There would be a agriculture/permaculture section that would produce the food for the community, they give it to the section for culinary arts that would produce the meals for the community. This is not to say that the someone has to spend all there time focused on one section, this in a sense is a university where one does not have to have a major. People would naturally excel and enjoy some areas more then others, they could easily explore any where there curiosity takes then, even work at creating a new section.  The first sections will be agriculture and construction, they will build there houses. Then they will build the culinary arts section which will make meals for the whole community. They next section will be selected by the community with input from outside interest.

This could be documented and  then funded partially by crowd sharing.

Click for a transcript of the 1938 Popular Mechanics article on Hemp

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