Do-Nothing Farming

GE crops and monoculture is destroying our planet and our connection with nature. The government is subsidizing this and specifically for Monsanto seeds! Now we have the Monsanto Protection Acts slipped into the budget! The most amazing thing about this is that one of the many weeds that these farmers are killing with there Monsanto chemicals is the cannabis plant! So I just want you to picture these farmers doing nothing, just allowing all the weeds to grow up with out planting any seeds. Cannabis is a strong plant that drought tolerant, it would eventually become a dominant weed in the field by itself. Although with a little help and collecting of seeds, it could be a very easy crop to grow. It is very good at re-mediating the soil, so if used for industrial purposes instead of food we will not be eating all the chemicals originally used in the monoculture. With the re-mediated soil we can then grow other crops in rotation. Utilize the the amazing raw material of the plant to get a complete protein along with omega-3 oils and insoluble fiber, also an unlimited amount of industrial uses.

Do-Nothing Farming was developed by Masanobu Fukuoka, his book “The One Straw Revolution” is a great read for anyone interested in agriculture.

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