Deep Roots

Deep Roots
Garden Installation

Growing good veggies requires deep roots, let me start you off at the right depth to ensure success in growing strong healthy garden beds.
The garden instillation would be around 250 dollars, then 15 dollars an hour for maintenance during the summer. This allows you to use me when you need me and start to do some things on your own. If you just want to do you it on your own then you can choose to do that.

I am looking for anyone interested in a double dug garden for there yard, with possible maintenance for the season. If it is later in the season we can fallow the bed with amendments that will make for a amazing bed next year. Gardens are a fun way to connect with our food and nature!

I have over four years of hands on farming experience. I experienced over 10 different farms learning different things from each one. We can together make a bountiful garden for you and your family. You can also join our family for a meeting where we share are planned abundance.

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