Co-Housing Univercity

We need to rethink our whole way of life, making communities into Universities built from hemp will de-centralize intelligence, so it benefits the community and not multinational corporations.

This group was created to express an idea that I had about self growing communities that are built from hemp and the intelligence of the people living in the community. We will need a good amount of land where we have legal precedence to grow hemp, and people who are willing to devote there lives to this project. The first two departments that will be built are ‘Agriculture’ and ‘Planning and Development’, they will then build the ‘Culinary Arts’ department which will feed the University. The next department I feel should be health related (although I feel any community should be apart of the decision making on how the community evolves). The ‘Health’ Department could provide health care to the University. The University could evolve to provide all the needs of the Community that is building it. Just an idea, what is stopping us from making it a reality?

Why would we not use the Cannabis plant? We can create houses completely out of hemp with just the slightest bit of investment and intelligence. So why would we not use the Cannabis plant? Even if a unlawful government controlled by a shadow government says we don’t have the right to… If our planets future is at stake, why would we not use this plant? We should all occupy hemp farms, show that our laws are resulting in the destruction of this planet. Connect  with local farmers who will use civil disobedience to grow hemp, then occupy the farm to document to idiocy of the governments actions. Some will be successful in growing enough hemp to build a house, that will be a clear example of the idiocy. Or just move to Colorado or Washington, hey Canada you already have hemp fields, don’t occupy just build Co-Housing Universities. Although in Canada you must fight for hemp farmers to grow there own seed, your farmers have to buy there hemp seed from the government. This the big tipping point in Colorado, we have to let our representatives know that hemp farmers needs low regulation to utilize this crop for all that has to offer. The ability of a farmer to collect and create his/her own seed is the most crucial part to our sovereignty, guns are just the last resort. If we are to make a regulation, it should be that you can not artificially genetically modify the Cannabis plant! Everyone has the right to grow and collect seeds, life can not be patented!

Our most powerful weapon against the shadow government and multinational corporations is our intelligence. We can do what ever we want, we just have to come to gather and do it. We all want the same thing, decentralization and to live sustainably in harmony with nature. The more power that we give away, to more it goes to a central authority. This whole movement starts with us taking responsibility for our lives, taking on our rightful sovereignty; not with some law but with every precious moment of our lives.

When we look into all the problems our world is facing right now, it all comes back to money. Some say we do not need money, some say we need money, some want to change money, some want to make a new money, but we all know the problem is in the money. I want to create a community that does not need money, but could create its own money(out of hemp) to interact outside the community. Now do not get me wrong it will need a good amount of money invested in it originally, but hopefully will not need money after a certain point in its growth. It would conceivably have ability to make money interacting with the outside world during the construction to help with the initial cost. Examples like making a documentary, crowd-funding, supplying a restaurant with produce and meat, building houses for people outside the community, ect..

I want to answer all the problems with one solution for sovereignty; where we can live wonderful lives while growing a better tomorrow in the process. Where we will co-create organic living communities, that we live and grow with. This is not just about Co-Housing Universities, it is about Cannabis, we Can change the world. Say you take a vacant lot and grew it full of hemp, you could then build a house on the lot to show what is possible with this plant. The University is a design to make these methods popular by making them easy and affordable to utilize. Most importantly the research will not be controlled by funding and the Scientist can explore in an honest way through Science. People don’t have to put on a mask, but pursue there passion, not worried about survival, not needing to make money; but being driven to make beauty and love, progress justice and truth, and feel the awe of natures harmony.

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