Church of N0thing


You can have many god’s but there is no-thing that can grasp God, The Universe, The Eternal Infinite Void, Or What Ever You Want To Call It… at all there is no-thing (There is nothing at all). We are all interconnected, no thing is independent. The universe is conscious, there is intelligence beyond our mind, that is intimately connected with your body helping us achieve a natural state of balance. The path of least resistance, it might be a thin line to walk but surrender and the universe always finds a way.  Eternity is infinite, the vacuum is infinite, division of space is infinite, all of eternity is with in all that is. Existence is amazing and beautiful, we are blessed for being connected on such deep levels to all that is, ever was, and ever will be. As we ask for help (Pray) we allow our selves to surrender and receive the infinite blessings of existence.





I do not particularly identify my self with an ism or schism. If I find my self aligning with what can be boxed in, I search for a way out. There is always a way out, we can confine ourselves but it is only an illusion. Each of us have our different way, there is no way, just process, experience. There is only truth in the moment, everything else is contrived and distorted. The body can process way more information then the mind… there is more information going from the heart to the brain, then brain to heart… there is greater understanding through following your heart then your mind…




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