Nothing is as it seems


Nothing is as it seems, not even nothing.

Nothing isn’t as it seems, just like everything.

Everything isn’t as it seems,  including nothing.

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The New Money

We are in a great need for a new money, a money that we control and issue interested free! We have a lot of options, there are  even one’s that we have not heard of or that are yet to be thought of. The ones that I have the most hope for are BitCoin and Local Hour Currency.

BitCoin – crypto-currency that is gaining popularity in the mainstream, main advantage is decentralization of the banking system, in a sense there is no more need for a banking system. A network for global exchange, that is safer and cheaper then a bank; but not as easy, although that is changing fast. The more people that use BitCoin the safer the system gets, coming from the decentralized self-monitoring and self-adjustment.

Local (H)our Currency – a local currency that is based on an unit of time. This is a universal symbol of money… time = money. Keeps money circulating locally, and helps local stores compete with globalism. Allows local businesses to come together and decide where money can be created interest free to help the local community. A great way to increase the decentralization of the ideal system. Check out Ithaca Hours and Mtn Hours.

Ideal System – All counties have a unique currency, where they pay there sheriff in there local hour currency. Then comes the addition of a digital currency exchange for the local hour currency to be exchanged nationally, but also internationally. I have no idea what that ideally looks like. You have to consider that the great thing about the local hour currency is that it stays local. so we could have a hub that you bring local hours that you want exchanged. By this time the hour would have disconnected from the dollar central banking system. Will the hour then be traded on a market with other hour currency’s? I can sort of see how this mixture of the digital and local would work, although I can see how it would not work. We are going to see it or not in our life time, we must come together too decide how our freedom is going to look. I think that it starts on the local level first, then we can unite on the digital level!

Before we can break out of the parasitic debt slave currency created by the federal reserve, we need to devote time and energy to inform people of the potential of a new money. For if you track any of the horrendous things that happen in this world, the problem always comes back to money.  The current money system is like a river that runs dry before it reaches the ocean.  There is more debt created then there is money to pay it off, so all money is debt and we are slaves to a system where you must leach from others to get ahead in this system of unplayable debt.

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Nothing within Science

Science believes in nothing, science is always challenging our beliefs, science is not a person it is curiosity. Change is threatening, people are threatened, science is not threatening, it just in its true form is ever changing.

A popular paraphrase of Max Planck’s “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

Everything is a 3-D fractal, with a repeating geometry of the I Ching, that is in perfect vector equilibrium. Always following the path of least resistance with out thinking about it. The 64 tetrahedral structure is the yin, contracting, force of gravity. The Sphere for which it is inscribed is the yang, expanding, force of electromagnetism. This fractal is infinite in all directions, zoom in, zoom out, forward in time, backward in time.

If nothing is infinitely thin, imagine every particle is made of smaller particles…

If nothing is the edge of the universe; imagine it one of the particles making up another…

If everything came from nothing, imagine there was no beginning…

If everything is headed toward nothing; imagine there will be no end…

If the vacuum has infinite energy, imagine the infinite division within…

If matter is mostly empty space, imagine nothing connecting everything…

Everything is just a whole in nothing!

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Transcend Duality

Nothing rewrites itself infinite times,

Waves of space-time repeat my rimes.

Nothing is intertwined with eternal sublime,

Walking the way turns to federal crime!

Nothing is no-thing too infinite to be,

The infinite division that is within me.

To transcend reality beyond what we see,

There is more to our body then the intellect of thee.

Surrender to the energy that transcends duality,

We need help to re-member our higher reality.

Wishing on our history to empower humanity,

There is no other faith then oneness the unity.

We are all destined to greatness within eternity,

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Sacred Geometry and Unified Fields with Nassim Haramein

This is a presentation on Sacred Geometry and Unified Fields presented at the Nexus Conference in Australia in 2010.

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Spirit Science ~ Power of the Heart

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Gabriel’s Horn

Rotation of y=1/x around the x-axis

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Limits to Infinity

The limit as x approaches infinity of 1/x = 0

1/infinity = undefined

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The Definition of “Undefined”

The limit as x approaches 0 of 1/x = undefined

1/0 = undefined

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Eckhart Tolle ◦ Tao Te Ching ◦ Waves of Awakening

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